About Us

The Southern Travel Lines 

The Southern Travel Lines established in 2013, is the first Ukrainian tour operator performing scheduled railway tours and excursions.
This very tour season we would like to bring to your attention the pilot project of scheduled excursion train from the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, to the Black Sea resort seaside at the southern part of the Odessa Region and Southern Bessarabia.
Apart from individual traveling by our trains, you are welcome to book perfectly arranged weekend tours including city breaks at each and every station on route. Our Company also manages one-, two- and three-day sightseeing tours into Kyiv, Odessa, Izmail, Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi, Artsiz (Odessa Region).
The Company targets the permanent enlargement of our railway tours list all over Ukraine. We shall be happy to help you in planning your weekends, holidays and vacations offering to travel and make new exciting discoveries.

Insurance Policy

As per Contract КСТ -13 # 0001 КВ with the Dominanta Insurance Company, all passengers are provided with obligatory health and accident insurance for traveling within the territory of Ukraine. The amount of coverage is UAH 20,000-40,000, depending on Tourist Package type and the customer's age.


On the terms and pursuant to the conditions set out in Agreement # 627/13-Г with PJSC Bank Kontrakt, the Company is granted with the Performance-cum-Warranty Bank Guarantee (PWBG) under the Tourist Services Contracts amounting to EUR 10,000 (Article 15 of the Act of Ukraine 'On Tourism').

IT Security

All personal data provided by our customers are secured from disclosure and unauthorized access. The Company Database is legally registered in the State Service of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection.

Customer Feedback

Upon incurrence of any issues, request, suggestions and complaints, either point out your phone number in the Contact Form, or send us an e-mail message. Our managers will contact your as soon as possible.

Contact Details




Legal Address: 19A, bulv. Ivana Lepse, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03124

tel: +38 066 564 36 26

Current Account: 260061887 in PJSC PUMB, MFO (sort code) 334851

EDRPOU (USREOU) Code: 38792567

VAT Number: 200132494

Tax Payer ID: 387925626581

Tour Operator License: АЕ #185925