Tour Purchase Conditions

General Provisions

Signing of the Tourist Services and Transportation Contract is certified with an issued electronic (non-legible) voucher (hereinafter referred to as E-voucher), or terminal check. The E-voucher, also in form of the terminal check, contains all necessary details of the Tourist Services Contract, in accordance with Articles 22, 23 of the Act of Ukraine  'On Tourism'.
The fact of E-voucher purchase states that a customer (purchaser) agrees with each and every terms and conditions of transportation and tourist services and also allows processing of his personal data under the Personal Information Protection Act of Ukraine.

Entraining of the customer is strictly subject to availability of the executed E-voucher (also, in form of the terminal check) and citizen's ID, as well.

For purposes of the best possible informing of our clients, this very website reserves the right to refer to any other Internet sites or documents either issued, or amended by any other legal entities or private individuals. The Southern Travel Lines Company disclaims any responsibility for subject matter and details of the aforementioned documents and amendments to them, also for due and accurate performance of these documents by the customers.

Either booking (reservation), or purchase of tours for further resale is strictly prohibited. In case of exposure of the facts mentioned above, the voucher will become null and void. The violator of the aforementioned term will be held fully and solely for full cost and expenses occurred as a consequence of their activity.

Transportation Terms

The railway transportation of both the passengers and their luggage is performed by the Southern Travel Lines Company in strict adherence to the rules and legislation applied by the Public Enterprise Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways).

Tourist Services Terms

The tourist services are provided depend upon the chosen Tourist Package.

Child Transportation Terms

The children under the age of 14 years are allowed for traveling accompanied by the adults only. The persons accompanying children should possess the original of the document certifying the age of a child and surrender it upon the first request of the authorized personnel.
The child under the age of 6 years is transported free of charge, without purchasing of any separate E-voucher, if he never takes any separate seat. If a child, irrespective of his age, takes a separate seat, the E-voucher should be purchased for him on a common basis.